If you want your child to learn how to play the piano, go to the neighborhood piano teacher.  But if you want your child to play beautifully, learn excellent technique, and to have instilled in them a love of music for the rest of their lives -- Lauren Cony is your only choice.

Rowena Itchon

Pacific Research Organization

I've studied piano under Lauren for about 8-9 years and am very thankful that I was able to have her as a teacher. She was very patient with me and used different methods to see which ones would help me to best learn what I wanted to play. My experience with her has enriched my knowledge of music and has not only encouraged me to continue with piano, but given me a strong foundation that will allow me to explore music with other instruments as well.

                                           Nicole Yiu

                                                      Student, USF

I have been taking piano lessons with Lauren for the past five years, and I am still amazed by her superb teaching skills and her ability to convey musical ideas.  I have had other teachers before, and I am not sure if Lauren’s other students realize how lucky they are to have a great teacher.


With my previous teachers, I would learn my pieces, play the notes, but I couldn’t play beautifully.  It was a rather frustrating experience, because I knew I didn’t sound right.  My teachers would tell me to “feel the music”, but I didn’t know what that meant, and even if  they tried to explain it to me, they were unable to teach me how to create a beautiful sound.  Back then, playing the piano seemed like a mystery to me, an elusive art mastered by relatively few talented people.

Through effective use of piano technique (in particular the Taubman techniques), proper phrasing and interpretation, Lauren has taught me how to “feel the music” and how to play it.  With Lauren’s direction, I have made great progress – I am able to play my pieces well and create that beautiful sound I was looking for.  I started taking piano lessons late in life when I was 29 and, of course, I have my own limitations, but the piano is no longer a mystery to me.

                                           Farhad Zabihi

                                           Ph.D. Mathematics

                                           U.C. Berkeley

Lauren is a fantastic teacher for anyone who enjoys playing piano. I will soon start my sixth year studying piano with her. I consider myself a serious pianist and Lauren has helped me every step of the way. I study with Lauren at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music (SFCM). I’m also in SFCM’s musicianship program and this summer I’ll participate in Summer Music West.  Lauren thought it would be nice if I got to experience duet playing. She matched me up with another one of her students and we have become really good friends and duet partners.  A year ago we played for a group of senior citizens at a Community Center in San Francisco.   Lauren has always chosen the perfect duets for both of us, and cheered us on in recitals. Three years ago we decided that it would be interesting to compete in piano. I was so nervous! I practiced my scales and chords, and two or three pieces to play at the Certificate of Merit Evaluation. It actually turned out to be a lot less nerve-racking than I thought! I went from level two, to three, to four and I continue to climb up the levels. I received honors for levels 3 and 4, and for the year I was in level three, I was accepted into the Branch Honors Recital. I played the piece that the judges liked the best in a performance at the Presidio Chapel. It was a really great experience that I will always remember. That same year, I also did a competition at the Nueva School called The Menuhin/ Dowling Competition for Young Musicians. After a long journey from the parking lot to the main lobby, I played in a large room with two judges. It was very satisfying when the mail came one day and a certificate showed up. Competitions are a great way to get used to playing piano in front of audiences under a lot of pressure. A prize means a lot, but the experience means more. Lauren has taught me this, and many other lessons. She has shared experiences that are similar to some of my tough situations. I love Lauren so much. She always is calm and she will understand you no matter what. This is the general lesson plan: You sit down with Lauren and begin by playing the piece you’ve been working on for her. Then she will help you with any hard areas or write comments down in your notebook. She has so many techniques for getting her comments sunk into your brain. She is quite the opposite of mean. She will sometimes be funny and draw eye- glasses above the part you need to work on. She is open to suggestions, and flexible about how everyone learns differently. I plan to stay with Lauren as long as I can. Thank you so much Lauren, for being so kind to me, and teaching me piano, theory, and in general, music.

                                       Olivia Mitchel     

                                       Age 10     

I'm 42, and have studied piano most of my life. Lauren has been my teacher since I moved to San Francisco 14 years ago, and has been instrumental in keeping me motivated and challenged - and having fun! As a teacher, Lauren is patient, kind, and attentive to each student's individual needs. She's also an enormously talented musician in her own right. I would recommend her to any student at any level without reservation.

Julie Caskey

Film Video Editor

Lauren has taught music to some or all of my five children for twelve years, and is still doing so. Recommended to me by the SF Conservatory of Music, she has been an absolutely wonderful combination of professional competence and charming encouragement. She combines a very high standard of teaching with a somewhat rare ability to relate to and bring out the very best efforts from children. Lauren coaxes her students to perform to a high standard and at the same time becomes their friend. I would unhesitatingly recommend her to you as a piano teacher, and have done so many times to my own friends. She is a lovely person and a gifted musician and teacher.

Judith Brass

MBA, Harvard Business School

Since the fall of 1997, I have been blessed to have found such a phenomenal piano teacher. Lauren not only taught me the fundamental and technical skills involved with playing piano, but her unique teaching style has encouraged me to develop my passion for music. She possesses an incredible amount of patience and energy during each lesson which in turn translates into a fun yet cerebrally-stimulating class. In addition, she teaches each of her students at their own pace and style, specifically attending to each person’s individual needs and interests. I studied music with Lauren for 12 years, and I know that she fundamentally cares for each of her students. She strives for their success and progress as well as their well being.  I could not have asked for a better piano teacher.

                                                                                                                       Caprice Hong

                                                                                                 Student, Northeastern University